Driver Group Game Timeline

Here is the typical timeline for deadlines and scoring of your team entry each week in the Driver Group Game.

  • Team Entry Locked

    2:59 AM EST

    Morning of Qualifying: Drivers locked. Cannot add or remove from team.

    Team Carryover: Empty team have previous week team moved forward.

    View Others Picks: Viewing other players picks on the league page or clicking their profile link is active.

  • Post-Qualifying

    ...within minutes of posting qualifying results

    Update Qualifying Positions: Update qualifying positions displayed on your team entry.

    Calculate Qualifying Bonus Points: Update qualifying bonus points and total points for your team entry.

  • Drivers Locked

    ...designated race start time.

    Driver Positions are Set: You can no longer move a driver between 'Starter' and 'Bench' on your team entry.

  • Unofficial Post-Race Results

    ...within a few hours after race.

    Race & Bonus Points: Update race points, laps led data on your team entry.

    Team Entry Rankings: Calculate rankings.

  • Official Post-Race Results

    ...usually mid-morning the day after the race.

    Verify Calculated Results: Verify that Unofficial and Official race results released by NASCAR are the same. Make updates as needed. Scores set as Official.