Tips To Successfully Manage Your Fantasy NASCAR Picks

Here are many important hints to properly handling your fantasy NASCAR drivers picks before, during, and after your fantasy draft. These fantasy NASCAR tips should steer you in the right direction and is intended to give that extra bit of advantage over other players.

  • DO...use a fantasy NASCAR cheat sheet to prepare for your draft. You need some kind of a plan on draft day. Drafting 'by the seat of your pants' is definitely not a good recipe for success in fantasy NASCAR.
  • DO...participate in a fantasy NASCAR mock draft with a handful of your buddies, in chat rooms or NASCAR forums.
  • DO...make certain you understand the fundamental principles of fantasy NASCAR games, the rules of your specific league, and the system of scoring thoroughly before drafting your team of drivers picks.
  • DO...upgrade your drivers when the opportunity arises. Some owners draft a driver just because they're their favorite. Any time you receive the opportunity to better the caliber of your starting drivers, it's worthwhile relinquishing your favorite driver for the most advantageous driver on hand.
  • DO...choose your fantasy NASCAR driver picks with your head and not your heart. Don't let your team to be less skilled just because you want your favorite driver on your team.
  • DO...find good expert fantasy NASCAR picks from others outside your league. It invariably helps to obtain a second opinion before you swap a driver or decide who to start in a race.
  • DON'T...forget to update your active fantasy NASCAR driver picks every race. One of the worst things you can do is to forget to update your drivers for the upcoming race. Being short just one driver can cost you a race, and that one loss could be the diference between winning or losing the season.
  • DON'T...let other players in your league know your list of sleepers before the draft. If you want to be confident you'll snatch up your sleepers at a time when they are a bargain, don't share your opinions on who you think could be the dark horse drivers for the season.
  • DON'T...draft your sleepers too pre-mature. They're called "sleepers" for a reason. Have an idea of when you think you can reasonably expect to acquire them in the draft, and stick with it.
  • DON'T...swap star drivers just because they are in a rut or off to a slow start. If you panic and begin trading away drivers who are under-performing, you are not liable to get genuine value in return.
  • DON' trade dialogues with other team owners with your best offer. As with any type of negotiation, you never start out by bringing your sweetest offer. Give yourself some elbow room to negotiate, and who knows, possibly you'll get lucky and have to surrender less than you anticipated. If you initiate with your most fabulous offer, you'll never know how inexpensively you could have collected a specific driver.
  • DON'T...desert your team under any conditions. In my opinion, this is one of the worst offenses you can commit when it comes to fantasy NASCAR. Don't be a sore loser and abandon your team simply because they aren't living up to your expectations. By not continually keeping your most best drivers active and according to the regulations, you may adversely bear upon the season by giving some of the teams in contention an deliberate victory.

So those are some basics to having a successful fantasy NASCAR draft and a successful fantasy NASCAR season. Good luck with your driver picks and remember to have fun with it. That is what it is all about. Just remember, you may have a terrible season this year and a great season the next. Believe me. I know that by experience!