Other players do not like a fantasy NASCAR owner who drops out. Whether it is after the draft, or halfway through the race season, no player wants to play in a league where some of the people have quit. Players that give up or stop paying attention to their fantasy NASCAR team takes the fun out of the league for the rest of the players. So, if you are you're thinking about whether to participate in a fantasy NASCAR league, plan to be participating for the whole season.

Game choice is really critical, particularly for novices. If you're a beginner, you in all likelihood don't want to join an advanced stakes fantasy NASCAR league comprised of fantasy NASCAR experts. Search for a league of participants similar to yourself, perhaps a handful of novice buddies. Just like with anything else you start new at, you want to start out easy and work your way up.

After finding the ideal fantasy NASCAR league, you must read the rules specific to your fantasy NASCAR league. Are drivers picked with a draft or an auction? What are the number of drivers you can start for every race? Is there a limit to how many times you can use a driver? Can you get rid of a driver and select a different one? Can your swap drivers with a different fantasy NASCAR team owner? How many points do you get for particular acheivements like leading a lap or getting the pole? Is there a playoff system? How many teams can make the playoffs? How does scoring work? These are specific questions that you must have the answers to before you draft or choose your team. Make sure you read over a copy of the rules a few times before you draft a team of race drivers.

Before you draft your fantasy NASCAR drivers there are a few things you must do. The first and greatest thing is research. Make your personalized fantasy NASCAR cheat sheet of driver rankings. If you are not certain how to make your private fantasy NASCAR cheat sheet and driver rankings, there are websites that can assist you with NASCAR driver statistics. Being educated will give you a plan of attack on your fantasy NASCAR draft day. When it's your time to select, you'll know of a number of drivers who you have already graded, thus making your draft selection easier.

While every fantasy NASCAR draft is unique, participating in one mock fantasy draft or more will help you during your real draft. Not only will a mock draft assist you in getting an estimate of when certain drivers will be drafted, but it will also help you stay calm, cool, and unflustered when you're "on-the-clock" during your real draft. Your first fantasy NASCAR draft can be overwhelming, so be sure to take part in a mock draft if you can prior to your first real draft.

So you have joined the perfect fantasy NASCAR game, read up on the regulations, done all your research, participated in a mock fantasy draft or two, and at long last you are waiting for your first fantasy NASCAR draft. Whether you are sitting around in the bar with a group of friends, or sitting in front of your lap top, a fantasy NASCAR draft is always a exciting time. That event will, for the most part, shape the destiny of your fantasy NASCAR team for the rest of the race season. At the draft, you should have your cheat sheets, a transcript of the rules, paper, and a pen. After a driver is drafted, take him off your cheat sheet so when it is your turn to draft you will know exactly who you want to pick..

Know how your fantasy NASCAR league permits you to assign drivers to be either active or benched. When do you have to decide which driver will be active? Can you switch drivers all the way up to qualifying or race time? Be careful you pay attention to Sprint Cup Series practice and qualifying results. Also, think about which drivers do best at which track. You may need to switch a driver off the bench if he is better at a road course then your normally active drivers.

Make for certain that you know the deadline for lineup changes every week. Numerous fantasy NASCAR leagues lock driver lineups before qualifying, while some driver lineups are locked at the waving of the green flag. Know the NASCAR race schedule for each week so you don't miss it.

Trading drivers is a crucial component of fantasy NASCAR. Before doing any driver swap, you should do your research on each driver included. Is one of the drivers in a slump and finishing badly? Another thing you should regard with all trades is the profit to your overall fantasy NASCAR team. While you may be gaining the stronger drivers in a deal, are they going to complete the makup of your team as a whole.

It's true some players view fantasy NASCAR games as a life or death matter, still it is only a game. Make sure that you have fun. After the draft has passed, and trades have been discussed, take it easy and just enjoy the excitement of the race. The strategy and volatility of fantasy NASCAR makes it a special experience for all involved. Be sure that you experience a good time.