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Crash, want in the 2020 league 4 race trophy dash. Lookin' forward to a better DGG this year. I always read your posts. Good luck this weekend!!
Welcome to the game glad to have you. Please feel free to join my league Hardcore Racing League and it's free to play. There are plenty of fun leagues on here to play in if not interested in mine but I hope you join. Welcome again and have fun!!
I play in the NASCAR Junkies league. One of our top competitors (Fender Bender) on week 28(Richmond) made his picks but forgot to save them. He got 0 points for the week. I thought you at least got the previous weeks drivers. Although I'm beating him 300+ points, that ain't the way I want to beat anyone. We're all human, he just forgot to press save! Just think he should get previous weeks drivers! Thanks Wonder Boy
Darren, just wanted you to know that I got your email. Everything is fine. I really appreciate it and now Fender Bender is probably gonna beat me. But, may the best man win! Thanks WonderBoy
Cool for him, bad for you lol. Basically though, teams are carried over once...right after I get done scoring the race. If the player then goes and makes changes by deleting their team to a clean slate and then doesn't save it...it's gone. There is no checking to see if a player has a team and filling it back in for them if they don't. Not my responsibility. So, just FYI that's how the team carry forward works.
Hi! While I think the idea of letting folks join as many leagues as they want is a great idea, next year you should consider putting a time limit on joining new leagues, perhaps after week five. We’ve got a situation in one of the leagues I’m in where a player who is having a fantastic year has suddenly joined our league and of course taken over the lead position, hardly fair to the folks competing all season.
Yes. That sounds like an option that the commish should have...setting the deadline. I do have tools that the commish can 'remove a player' as well as 'change league password' (if it's private already). I can also change your league to 'private' so you can remove that player and keep him and others out going forward.
team 1(harvickfolife18 at 4,223 (89%) team 2 4,090( earnhardt18) (69%), team3 (bryontherealthing18) 4,112 (72%)
My team is WildFireMotorSports and I am in the Rubin is Racin and Remember Dale league. I did not receive the Laps Lead bonus of 5 points for William Byron leading a lap at Fontana. Can you correct this for me? Thanks