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Thank You Darren sweet 16 bracket league

league id# 1877
free league. no money. just bragging rights in a head to head format. only 6 weeks long straight thru.
open to everyone. public league with no password needed.
top 16 teams qualify for the bracket, but all teams battle for 2 weeks to make the top 16.
1st race is california. basically DGG rules except this is only a 6 week league, so starts are set at only 3 times for A/B/C
california and martinsville combined scores will set the top 16 bracket seeding. everyone not in the top 16 of combined scores will not make the bracket.
sweet 16 race is texas... 16 teams down to 8
elite 8 race is bristol... 8 teams down to 4
final 4 race is richmond... 4 teams down to 2
final is tally... 2 teams down to 1 champion.
for head to head ties, higher seed advances.
we'll see how this works out since Darren was kind enough to make the game changeable this season.
hope to see you there... the commish 25 laps down
I don't see you group number
for those who can't seem to find the league...
when you click join a league, it will take you to another page that has a search box.
the default search box goes to "entry fee leagues"
you must change that radio button by the search box to "public league" and then in the search box type in 1877.
that should get you there.
not sure why darren didn't just let you type in a league # in the search box and go straight to it, but he has enough things to worry about for now.