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Serious NASCAR talk on Drivers & Teams

This qualifying is ridiculous ... this is not right to systematically block the front of pit road to impede other drivers from getting their lap in. NASCAR needs to change this
Well y'all beat me to it so Ill try to stay calm.
I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only one that's fed up with this stuff.
I don't even have the desire to watch qualifing anymore.


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It had to happen, we needed a Qualifying change.
It almost looked like the drivers were on strike the 3rd round then it was a mad dash like there was a black Friday sale or something...all for nothing, except for the end result...…...NASCAR is Finally going to make SOME KIND OF CHANGE TO QUALIFYING, Finally!!!
They should have never changed it in the first place...


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Teams/manufacturers had their chance
Could of used the situation to teams/manufacturers advantage but didn’t come together for greater good.....selfish

Surprisingly considering Toyota’s culture

1)rate your teams drivers 1/2/3/4
Have all 4 go out same time......your #1 driver is in back
2)rate manufacturers teams
Have the #1 driver come out 4th or 5th during qualifying (in pods of chevys/fords/toys)
3)the teams running the best equipment make deals with those that don’t :
So hey Mr C driver......come out with our 5 cars and will put you 3rd in line out of 5-6
(Mr. C driver will Q better than chancing it alone)

I’m kinda pissed right now bc of the final Q stage.....it sucked
Could of been so much better if everyone came together and used rules to their (teams/manufacturers) advantage

It’s not rocket science