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Richmond Pick 3 Contest - Toyota Owners 400

6th - Kurt Busch
13th - Alex Bowman
29th - Ross Chastain

fixed 27th to 29th
Thanks for the Heads up. I just went back and re-read Pritzi's 1rst post and she mention 27th and then says 29th for Harvick 1rst car #.

ATTENTION TO PRITZI: some 27 picks may actually be 29TH...you need to fix your post, We know you are doing a lot and small stuff sneaks buy. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!
For the record the picks are.....6th.....13th.....and 27th.....

I know some confusion is going on over 29th but I think all edits have been made. If we have been so-so on the music, we can make sure everyone has the 29th hours before race.

But i promise, one of these weeks im sticking to details only :LOL:;):)
Which is it 27th or 29th??
you say..."The Random numbers to pick for drivers to finish in are 6th, 13th & 27th"
Then you say " 29th position was picked in honor of Kevin Harvick’s old number at RCR before he made it over SHR."
Both statements equal...???????????HUH???????. Which is Correct??


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pritzi, the confusion comes from post #1 of the thread.
not everyone is gonna read every post in here.
you said 6th / 13th / 29th in post one.
if you changed it after post one, there is no way people are gonna get it right.
i'm not changing my picks, so whatever happens, happens.
i'm sure many people read post 1 of the new weeks thread, post it on a piece of paper, then after qualifying and inspections grab the post it note with their picks on it and then post them on here without looking thru 10 pages of song choices.
Not bit@#ing, just suggesting that post one should be "the rule."
right now, post one says 6 / 13 /29 four hours before race time.