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Pick 3 Kentucky Quaker State 400


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I hope I don’t get I trouble for doing this. If it’s okay I’m gonna help Pritzi out this week and get the Pick 3 started for this week since the race is less than 48 hours away.

I’m just a cheap imitation for this, so bear with me.

Positions for the week...

7th, in honor of that guy who won, or was it “won”, in the 77 car. We pick 7th place since we can’t pick 77th. Oh yeah his name is Justin Haley, I’ll admit I had to look it up I couldn’t remember! The 77 car won on the 7th day of the 7th month. Who had him as their C driver last week?

15th, in honor of Kentucky being the 15th state admitted to the union. At least that’s what google told me. Speaking of states, isn’t the Quaker State is actually Pennsylvania?

33rd, Just because it’s the Pick 3, let’s do 33!

Same rules as always. You all know what yet are.

Bonus Time

If you want bonus points this week, you have to thank Pritzi for all
She does with this pick 3. From
Starting the threads, determining the picks and rationale for the picks, bonus point stuff and then sorting thru the threads and figuring out how many points everyone scored, and everything else I forgot to mention. And she makes it sound good, instead of me rambling.

Thanking Pritzi is a prerequisite for bonus points this week!!! It is worth 3 points! Make it good. She deserves more than just a simple thank you.

Of course we’re doing songs this week. Just like we have been. Since it’s the Quaker State 400...the theme is states. Song must have a State in the title or lyrics. Let’s just do 3 songs this week with the later start on the thread and it being the Pick 3. 1 point per song, post the song and/or lyrics with the State like we been doing. One point for numbering your songs.

First song should have the state you’re from. It doesn’t have to be. But try.

Seven bonus points available, but zero points if you do not thank Pritzi.


Thank Pritzi - 3 point bonus and mandatory for bonus

Song with a State in it - 1 point each per song up to 3 points for three songs

Numbering songs 1 point

Good Luck!
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i want to thank Pritzi for all she does on here, so i think i'll have a tournament league and call it "Fans of Pritzi - World Cup of Racing.
Oh wait, i already did that. Hopefully i still get the points.
Just a reminder, everyone that played in that league is welcome in the"double elimination head to head chase league."
starts in week 25. league# 1907 free and public, no password
song#1 Sara Evans - Missing Missouri

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Pritzi..I thanked you earlier in the season, but let me say it again..

THANK YOU for all you do. Thank you for staying with it the whole season. I've been in many leagues where the commissioner doesn't get involved in their league after the first couple of weeks. They leave the rest of the players hanging, nothing pisses me off more than that, but you are keeping with it, thank you!!!


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not part of the contest, but we are in Kentucky, where whiskey is made.
rain makes corn
corn makes whiskey
whiskey makes my baby
feel a little frisky



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Thank you Pritzi.
Hope all your family is doing well after the weather they endured. Hope you don't have to go off-roading in a none 4×4 again.

Here's my pick 3 even if it doesn't officially count.

7th - #11, Hamlin
15th - #9, Almirola
33rd - # 36, Tifft