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Pick 3 Contest--Fontana Auto Club 400


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Thank you Ms. Pritzi for holding this contest and keeping score. We appreciate you adding to this enjoyable fantasy league.
Looks like I am competing against Wyland again. I am bound to win sometime against Wyland.
10th place - Larson 42
18th place - Byron 24
29th place - McDowell 34
Thank you. I love doing stuff like this. I posted in the leagues I play in & hopefully we can get more foot traffic to this forum as well. Darren has some more things in the works & it would be nice to have more people travel over here to chat. I appreciate you playing :)


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So happy to see you jump in Marlar. With this type of contest you can jump in late and do just as anyone else. One good week and you can go straight to the top & I've seen it before,

Also, good to see JPMaloney75 & Hillbillyx88 join in as well so far


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Sorry, I'm not good at these kinda games but, I'll give it a shot.........

10th = Junior Johnson
18th = Richard Petty
29th = Bobby Allison
Where did you find the California data for these guys?

My propriety algorithm (still in development) blew up when I plugged in these names. That usually means ... not good.