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Pick 3 Contest--Fontana Auto Club 400


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Thank you Ms. Pritzi for holding this contest and keeping score. We appreciate you adding to this enjoyable fantasy league.
Looks like I am competing against Wyland again. I am bound to win sometime against Wyland.
10th place - Larson 42
18th place - Byron 24
29th place - McDowell 34
Thank you. I love doing stuff like this. I posted in the leagues I play in & hopefully we can get more foot traffic to this forum as well. Darren has some more things in the works & it would be nice to have more people travel over here to chat. I appreciate you playing :)


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Sorry, I'm not good at these kinda games but, I'll give it a shot.........

10th = Junior Johnson
18th = Richard Petty
29th = Bobby Allison
Where did you find the California data for these guys?

My propriety algorithm (still in development) blew up when I plugged in these names. That usually means ... not good.