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NRC 2020 - $3/race - Multipool League

C’mon and join the NRC! Been making NASCAR a little more interesting for 16 years! $3 a race, split into 3 different prize pools; a weekly, a seasonal segment, and a championship! Total prize pool last season over $3.5k! With the champion taking home over well over $600! 32 Members so far, and the more folks in the league the higher the prizes! Plenty of ways to win and everybody wins something though the season! All are welcome, weekly scoring updates, DGG trophies and awards! More details once you join. Think you got what it takes?

League ID: 73
Password: smoke
Cost just $108 for the season! Weekly financial tracking! Good clean competitive league! Money not due until the day before Daytona! Electronic Payment available. Total winnings pot over $3.5k
Champ took home mire $600. Earnings were really well spread throughout the league last season. Seasons prior have seen Champaign taking home more than $1k
Up to 36 members! Pot continues to climb! - 100% Payout, offer year to year rollover of winnings to offset the cost the following year.