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Kansas - Digital Ally 400


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I think it's a great track for him and he loves places such as Kansas but I dont think he get a top 5 if that what you are expecting.

I think he can drive up into the top 10 and probably will. However, he seems to be very inconsistent still and I dont trust him to deliver
1,2,3,4, SHR really can't do better than that, BUT can they race to finish in the top 10.!?!?
The plot thickens. Evil Laugh insert here. 😁😁😁👍🏁
If I knew anything for sure I'd have dumped a grand on Country House to win the Derby by default at 65-1.... :LOL: but, yes, I think they're capable. What I'm anticipating is more like the # 4 in the top 3/top 5, the 10 and 14 in the top 10, and the 41 low to mid teens. I'm more concerned about my C driver dragging down my score than any of the others.

swervin ervin

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That wounds still a little deep eeh chicken? Sorry for your and pritzis pain. Expecially for you living by st.louis. I live across the river. I thought dallas had it. Game 7 was a tight one. Of course now that im talking about the blues, it means they loose now. They always do!
One cup thats it one!
I can hope. The st.louis rams did it.