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Free league but winner gets VERY nice trophy! Our 17th year! Need 2 more!

I run a free league at drivergroupgame.com We have been here the last two years since Yahoo quit doing Fantasy Nascar. It's completely free and most of the members have been here for a few years. You just pick your drivers each week from three groups. Two from group A, four from group B, and two from Group C. You then narrow those 8 down to four for the race after qualifying and you get points based on how they finish. A limit of 12 times a season on each driver which equals one third of the season. I spend around 75 bucks on a nice trophy each year for the Champ and we have a lot of fun. Email me at jtucker25nc@gmail.com to get one of these last two spots and hopefully you will be a permanent member. Hope to talk to you soon!