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Fans of Pritzi World Cup of Racing


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in honor of the women's world cup of soccer about to kick off soon, i'm announcing the...
Fans of Pritzi World Cup of Racing - 7 weeks of racing (starts at kansas race)
16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4 that play head to head round robins for 3 weeks starting at Kansas on May 11th
top team in each group based on head to head records will advance (4 teams) as well as 4 wild card teams.
wild card teams will be the highest 4 accumulated scores of the remaining teams that weren't group winners regardless of head to head record.
then those 8 teams will play a single elimination bracket for 4 weeks to crown a champion. (2 week finale)
driver group game scoring will apply except that the driver starts will be cut from 8 to 3 since it's only 7 week long.
team entries are now locked, so if you join after fridays lock time, you won't be involved in the contest.

update... leaderboard/standings and schedule can also be viewed at challonge.com Fans of Pritzi
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we've got 14 so far so we ended up using 2 "blind scores" to make 16 teams with 4 in each round robin.
blind scores will need to beat 279.5 to win their matchup.
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ok, so the matchups for kansas are up.
see who you're playing by going here... https://challonge.com/2q2zm6ax
find your group and then click "matches" to see who you play the next 3 races in the round robin format.
any questions, ask soon.
kansas is race 1
coke600 is race 2
pocono is race 3
good luck, your commish - crashthe24

i took the players and loaded them in after adding the 2 "blind scores" and hit randomize seedings and the matchups were spit out like they are.
no particular order from me because i had no way of knowing your yearly scores so far.
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oh the joy of being commish of a contest where people quit and you have to re-do everything the night before the final 8.
so riffraff would've been the number one seed but he quit. (no explanation why?)
that adds b&bracing as the final wildcard to the 8 team bracket.
the bracket had to be completely re-seeded so you'll have different matchups compared to what was posted earlier in the week.
sorry for all the confusion. hope this clears it all up.... the commish
updated page with final 8 bracket is here >> https://challonge.com/xek17kta

Riff Raff S.

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"The chick" wants to bring the drama to the board and make a mountain out of a molehill, whatever. "The chick" doesn't want me to play in her little contest, whatever, too. But at the same time, I'm not going to play in a league that's named after "the chick". Capeesh?


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so i think what you're saying is... crash, i didn't mean to mess up your league. (but somehow i didn't see that in the post)
you're gonna take your ball and go home, even though you could've manned up and finished the contest.
4 more races (only if you won it all) i guess that was too much to ask.
onward and upward.