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Elite Invitational on Fantrax

If you are looking for a challenge, I have set up a league designed to be challenging and looking for a few people that are interested in stiff competition and will stick it out to the end.

Pick Six drivers with a max number of starts of 7. This format will require you to use every driver the maximum number of times and picks will be difficult to make each week and every pick will count.

The scoring is simple. The classic Sprint points with the added wrinkle of place differential (1 point for each spot a driver moves up). No lead laps or stage points or bogus scoring.

This format will not interest many but for those that are, it will probably be the toughest format you can find. If you consider yourself an ace fantasy player and would like to run fast with no restrictor plates or aero packages, put the petal to the metal using this link:

See you at the races.
18 bold teams have entered to date. Test your mettle and experience all of the thrills and heartbreak of the first running of the Elite Invitational and the pride and prestige that comes with winning the toughest NASCAR fantasy format..
For those that might have missed, one last call with a week to go for elite or aspiring NASCAR fantasy racing aces to experience the chance for the prestige and glory of the Elite Invitational title, the most difficult format in NASCAR fantasy.