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Drive For Dough 2020

16 year money league. $50 buy-in. 100% payout on multiple total spots and each segment as well. ID: 1432, Password: money

All funds held neutrally on leaguesafe site. Each year has had around 20+ members yielding over $1,000 pot. Info for pay site is in league messages once in.

This is our 16th year and we always welcome anyone new to grow the pot! It's a $50 entry fee with 100% Payout of multiple spots for yearly totals and each segment pays out seperately as well. Money is held safely on a neutral site and all veteran returning members will vouch for the full and timely payments in past years.
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Could use some more members here in the final hours! $50 buy-in not technically due till Feb. 25th, so you may have a 'free trial' so to speak by playing the first 2 weeks.