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Double elimination (head 2 head) league starts in week 20.


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League id# 1907 no password needed

for 2020, we'll have a 3 week seeding process.

the seeding process will also cut the players to the top 64 combined scores for bracket #1.

everyone should keep playing hard that is eliminated because it'll helps your seeding for bracket #2 which may have byes.

bracket #2 will have everyone involved even if you're seeded 65th or higher.

once we get the top 64 players for bracket#1, each head to head match-up will be a combined 2 week score. (for bracket #1 only) last year every week was a single weekly score elimination.

bracket #2 WILL be single weekly score elimination.

the bracket #1 winner will face the bracket #2 winner in a race 35 and 36 combined score Final.

i'll post tie-breakers for seeding and head to head match-ups in another post later in the season.

scoring format will be DGG default scoring.

Driver groups will be set up as follows... (based on nascar driver standings after week 19)

4 drivers in group A

7 drivers in group B

All others in group C (no crappy C list this year)

because of the much smaller driver groups, you will get 7 starts per driver for the 17 race league.

even if you get eliminated from a bracket, there will be an award for the highest total score for the season also.

the bracket #1 winner and bracket #2 winner DID NOT have the highest total score for the season.

thanks for playing... the commish

bracket #1 will be a 2 week total for a round and not just 1 week.
so based on 3 weeks seeding...
weeks 20 / 21 / 22 (top 64 players advance to head to head bracket #1)
all other players "not top 64 after week 22" wait for bracket #2 where ALL PLAYERS WILL GO HEAD TO HEAD. no matter if there are 128 players or whatever.
bracket #1 would then go...
weeks 23 / 24 (2 week combined score) 64 players >> down to 32
weeks 25 / 26 (2 weeks combined) 32 players >> to 16
weeks 27 / 28 -- 16 player >> to 8
weeks 29 / 30 -- 8 players >> to 4
weeks 31 / 32 -- 4 players >> to 2
weeks 33 / 34 -- 2 players to 1 for bracket #1 champ
weeks 35 / 36 2 week CHAMPIONSHIP FOR BRACKET #1 and #2 winners

bracket #2 will probably have byes in the 1st round because some slots will be empty.
bracket #2 will start in race 27 (re-seeds after race 26 based on full season leaderboard)
bracket #2 is single game elimination for probably 7 rounds.
65 or more>64>32>16>8>4>2>1

just like last year, it's possible you'll be in bracket #1 against one player and in bracket#2 you'll get matched up against someone else.
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Driver groupings have been updated after week 19, so we are ready to go for week 20 at New Hampshire (August 2nd)
7 starts per driver over the 17 weeks
4 A's - harvick / keselowski / blaney / hamlin
7 B's - elliot / logano / truex / almirola / kyle busch / kurt busch / bowman
C - bowyer / dibenedetto / byron / reddick / jones and everyone else

races 20 / 21 / 22 will be for seeding and we start bracket #1 in week 23.


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races 20 / 21 /22 are for seeding and the top 64 will make bracket #1
everyone 65th or lower will be eligible for bracket #2 that will start in race 27.

Bracket #1 is set
Provided we don't wake up and have a scoring error on the DGG scoring (oh what a nightmare that caused last season)

the tie-breakers have been checked and the seeding process is complete.

see the tie-breakers for seeding in another commish post on the game main page.

actually we had 2 teams that needed a 4th tiebreaker (coin flip)

the main page with lots of info can be found here >> https://challonge.com/xarybeve

a good printable bracket is here >> https://challonge.com/xarybeve.svg

anyone that finished 65th or higher in the seeding process should still keep playing hard.

seedings for bracket #2 will be total season scores after race 26 and bracket #2 starts with race 27.

if you have any questions. please ask.

thanks, the commish
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bracket after races 23 & 24
please double check your scores compared to the bracket results and let me know if there is an error.

this is a whole lot of numbers i'm crunching and typing in.

our round of 64 is done and it was as brutal as last year.

we had a 720 - 720 tie and the tiebreaker goes to the higher season standings player which was Downfarce (#1 in standings)

tough luck for wjgrange the 64th seed

we also had a winner with just 600 points for the 2 weeks while someone lost their matchup (ZL1 Motorsports) scoring 754 points.

the new round (of 32) starts with the sunday race at dover#2

check your bracket and see who you play next.

if you lost your matchup, stick around for bracket #2 which starts in a few weeks.

we'll re-seed everything and go single race elimination for that bracket.

here's the updated printable bracket >> https://challonge.com/xarybeve.svg


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we had a wild 32 to 16 round with Daytona in the mix.

our top seed is now out of bracket #1 as well as last years defending champ.

that's why it's double elimination so you get another chance.

only 3 of the original top 16 seeds have made it to the sweet 16 round.

toughest loss goes to rustysgirl with a losing round of 609 points. 615 to 609

the lowest score to win and advance was 519 points.

the new bracket #1 is here >>> https://challonge.com/xarybeve.svg

bracket #2 starts @ Darlington with new re-seeding and i'll post it later.
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Bracket #2 is ready to go for Darlington.

we'll have 10 play-in matchups to get to 64 teams, so some will have byes @ Darlington.

Bracket #2 is single race score elimination (bracket #1 is a 2 race score)

tie breakers for head 2 head matcups are...

1) one players highest season leaderboard standings over another

2) if still tied, highest seed advances

feel free to ask any questions.

good luck to all.

Bracket #2 is here >> https://challonge.com/qb4b45lo.svg

Bracket #1 is here >> https://challonge.com/xarybeve.svg


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bracket #2 has been updated after Darlington and the round of 64 begins with single elimination at Richmond.
bracket #1 continues with the 2nd leg of the Darlington/Richmond (2 race elimination round)
Good luck to all and thanks for playing. (y)(y)


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we are down to the final 4 in bracket #1 with a 2 race combined score elimination for weeks 31 & 32.
bracket #2 is down to the final 8 with a single race elimination at Talladega.
click the blue hot links below to see the updated brackets.