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Darlington - Toyota 500


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I used the same drivers except I replaced the #1 with the #88 for the second race, 310 pts...... 2-20-88-8
I had the 4, 88, 42, and 8 last night and the 2, 1, 21 & 38 on Sunday. I thought the 4 would win again and the 88, 42, & 8 would do as good as they did on Sunday.
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Not disappointed
Not bad Not great thou
Pretty sure all in top 12p’s
But 30p for 42car ain’t good

I couldn’t stop laughing
Did you see 9car’s crew sitting on wall?
One guy took off Top of his fire suit To show off his tats and his 30inch biceps
Ready to pound candy car drvr into next week!
He actually admitted fault kind of