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Charlotte Pick 3 Contest-Coca Cola 600

Last 5 laps was a killer
Yes they were...did you mean to post here or over at the Chicken's Barnyard Race Talk?
Here but I guess you guys have different blogs to post
Does it really matter???...this is a damn Fantasy Racing Chat Board...on race day go to "Latest Activity" link & you will see whatever whomever posts in able forum there is...damn hallroom monitors...
Did not catch this Until now Waco Warrior, Really...you want Hall Monitor my one on one with my friend Jimmy aka Bones1738?:LOL:
He helps with some things in my league and yes I guess he did not know as most do that there are other places we post at.

Yes unfortunately Pritzi's Pick 3 Contest:unsure: is that and truth be told...Yes Race Talk Does not happen Here Much!
She/we would all like that too but...Chicken won that Battle Long ago and now has the Barnyard Race Talk.

So Stop Clucking about it and Hall Monitoring my posts to Jimmy you are a whiner when it comes to this...
so go have more Wine and Whine Wacko Worrier.

You are the Doug Whiner of Hall Monitors here at the forums...remember Saturday Night live...The Whiners?!

1559456598761.jpg 0:02Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: The Whiners Withdrawl
NBC.com - Jan 29, 1983
0:02Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: The Whiners at SNL

NBC.com - Apr 9, 1983
0:04Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Two On the Town

NBC.com - May 5, 1984
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