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4 race trophy dash league


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great league for newbies as well as veterans...

this is a 4 race league and you get 2 starts per driver.

we will have another 4 race league starting in weeks 5 / 9 / 13 / 17 / 21 with a driver group re-set.

i'll keep track of each leagues 4 week final standings and keep a running total for the year.

we'll either do a 16 player playoff for week 25, then 8 player in week 29 and a 4 player in week 33

or just wait and do a normal league in week 25 an 8 player in week 29 down to 4 in week 33.

driver groups are different than DGG with only 4 A drivers / 8 B, and everyone else in C

the driver groups are based on the final chase standings...

A) kyle busch / truex / harvick / hamlin

B) logano / larson / blaney / keselowski / bowyer / elliot / byron / bowman

C) kurt busch / almirola /newman / jones and everyone else

feel free to invite people if you'd like -- league# 1914