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4 race trophy dash league


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great league for newbies as well as veterans...

this is a 4 race league and you get 2 starts per driver.

we will have another 4 race league starting in weeks 5 / 9 / 13 / 17 / 21 with a driver group re-set.

i'll keep track of each leagues 4 week final standings and keep a running total for the year.

we'll have a last chance wild card round league in week 25, and a 10 player playoff in week 29 down to 4 in week 33.

driver groups are different than DGG with only 4 A drivers / 8 B, and everyone else in C

the driver groups are based on the chase standings...

feel free to invite people if you'd like
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Playoff spots
we got a bump in players in the 3rd trophy dash of the season (races 9-12)
i was going to base playoff spots on individual 4 race trophy winners and then total points for the season.
with the bump in players, all the new ones will have a hard time matching total points with people playing all year for a playoff spot.
so here is my revised plan... (10 playoff spots that start in race 29)
normal 4 race winners thru the (21-24 dash) would make 6 spots

have a wildcard round for races 25-28 and anyone that has played at least (2) 4 race dashes this season will be eligible for a wildcard spot in the playoffs for race 25.
playoff spot #7 goes to the race 25-28 winner

after week 28, playoff spot #8 would go to the highest total points for the season that hasn't won a 4 race dash yet.

total point standings are listed in another thread, but juneau4 is in that spot (after week 16)

playoff spots 9 &10 would go to the highest scores for any single 4 race dash if you aren't a playoff person yet.
example as of now (after week 16) that list would be...
1319 ank racing
1316 minnesota mayhem
1305 nascar buckeyes
1300 borg
1286 juneau4

in the race 25-28 wildcard round, you'd need to produce a higher score than one of those to knock them out of their spot.
if there is a repeat 4 race winner, another wild card entry would get in to make 10 spots.

it's not as confusing as it sounds (i hope) but that will give everyone who has jumped in later a fair shot as well as one slot to the season long grinder who hasn't won a 4 racer yet.
it also keeps out anyone who hasn't played more than (1) 4 racer for the year and jumps in at the last second to steal a spot.

if you have questions. please ask.

thanks, the commish
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races 17 thru 20 Trophy dash is now open (league# 2170 - no password needed)
starts with race 17 for Kentucky on July 12th
2 starts per driver for the 4 races and driver groups are based on nascar driver standings
4 A drivers harvick / elliot / keselowski / blaney
8 B drivers hamlin / logano / truex / bowman / almirola / kyle busch / kurt busch / dibenedetto
C list is everyone else including bowyer / byron / johnson / a.dillon / jones


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trophy dash league races 21-24 is now open (league id# 2174)
race 25-28 league is now open (league id# 2177) starts august 23rd at dover #2