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2020 DAYTONA 500


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What race was you watching? This is a horrible package.it was the longest line of follow the leader ever.
And the toyotas are being pansies and not going to join the race until the last 10 laps.
Ihope it gets better after stage 1 ir 2.
Had to go into work today ... I'm back in time for green flag #2.

I haven't seen a lap of the race ... I was at work. Those were my thoughts as I was making selections based on pre-race activities.


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Quote of the day.from article about president being at the race
"It was cool,the crowd loved it and when the rest of the country was worried about political correctness and a few peoples beliefs,it was nascar that continued having prayer (invocation),patriotism (honoring our military and veterans),and our anthem before their events.ive been there.these are the most passionate group of people when it comes to showing their appreciation for the USA that you will find." "Bucky"