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2020 Brickyard League $50 (ID: 1159 Pswd: bricks2020)

This is our.. 15th(?) year. We have been fortunate enough to have grown each year. Last year we had 27 paid-players.
We are primarily based in Indianapolis, but have picked up players from Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania.... All are welcome!!

Dues are to be paid by the green flag of week 4. If you are not paid by then, you are removed from the league. Easy-peasy.

All dues collected are paid out in winnings.
We pay out for the winners of each of the 3 segements.
We pay out for the player with the most top 10's (not in the top-4)
We pay out for the highest one-week score.
We pay the top 4 finishers for the year.

It's extremely competitive. We'd love to have you!

League # 1159
Password: bricks2020