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  1. AsphaltInYourEyes

    Drive For Dough 2019

    Accepting members all the way up until race time. ID:1432 Password:money $50 buy-in. 100% of pot paid back in multiple finishing spots and each segment. 15 year trustworthy league. Classic rules. Money due by the 25th of Feb. See ya at the starting line!
  2. AsphaltInYourEyes

    Drive For Dough 2020

    16 year money league. $50 buy-in. 100% payout on multiple total spots and each segment as well. ID: 1432, Password: money All funds held neutrally on leaguesafe site. Each year has had around 20+ members yielding over $1,000 pot. Info for pay site is in league messages once in. This is our...
  3. AsphaltInYourEyes

    Drive For Dough '19

    15 year league with 20+ returning members each year. Looking to add a few more to up the pot. $50 Entry fee with 100% Payouts for multiple places on yearly totals and additional segment winner prizes. Obviously were waiting on the site to get our official home page, but you can get in our...
  4. AsphaltInYourEyes

    Drive For Dough 2018

    Yahoo can't hold us down! We are back again for our 14th year?? who knows, losing count. $50 entry fee/100% payout on segments and final places. All funds are securely held on leaguesafe.com/fanball. https://fantasyracingcheatsheet.com/join/dgg/a74aBZ4GvR6g7qw League ID: 33 Password: money