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  1. 25 laps down

    The Lockout Is Over

    for any of you who played in the sweet 16 tournament league... Darren sent me a message that some of us in that league (maybe all of us) have been locked out since the sunday night update. basically the league ended sunday night and something over-rided the system thinking that all leagues we...
  2. 25 laps down

    other than stage pts. is DGG scoring the same as last year?

    just wondering. it seems that scores are higher this year. i know the stage points may add up to 20 or so on a great week, but maybe people are just picking better.
  3. 25 laps down

    Thank You Darren sweet 16 bracket league

    league id# 1877 free league. no money. just bragging rights in a head to head format. only 6 weeks long straight thru. open to everyone. public league with no password needed. top 16 teams qualify for the bracket, but all teams battle for 2 weeks to make the top 16. 1st race is california...