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  1. crashthe24

    Truex in C group

    yes he is in C for my 4 race trophy dash league that starts in week 5. every 4 weeks we run a new "4 race dash" and the driver groups are done by nascar standings. you get 2 starts per driver for the 4 weeks. 4 A's harvick / logano / elliot / bowman 8 B's johnson / blaney / larson / almirola /...
  2. crashthe24

    known glitch 2020

    i've already emailed darren so he is aware of it. in leagues that didn't start in week one, we have "lock down times" for weeks 1 and 2 even though the league may not start until week 20. (my head 2 head league) for sure, but it's probably in the short track league / road course league and...
  3. crashthe24

    Boat Anchors

    let's predict boat anchors for Daytona and if we leave them out, maybe we'll have a good score. keselowskis luck just stinks at plates the last 2 years.
  4. crashthe24

    Drag and drop is back baby!!

    woooohoooooo (at least for now)
  5. crashthe24

    Shannon Spake

    i thought i'd make it easier for Kickin' Chicken to find his favorite girl crush, so i started a thread.
  6. crashthe24

    attention 2020 commish's

    just a heads up for 2020 the dreaded Pocono double header falls into a race 18 and race 19 spot on the schedule. that's gonna be alot of work in one weekend keeping track of a half season ending in week 18 on saturday and re-setting things for week 19 which is the next day on sunday. i was gonna...
  7. crashthe24

    4 race trophy dash league

    great league for newbies as well as veterans... this is a 4 race league and you get 2 starts per driver. we will have another 4 race league starting in weeks 5 / 9 / 13 / 17 / 21 with a driver group re-set. i'll keep track of each leagues 4 week final standings and keep a running total for...
  8. crashthe24

    dear fantasy racing gods...

    if you forsake me again on the plate races and give me an average of 241 points over the 4 races, i may need to see a therapist.
  9. crashthe24

    2020 Nascar Championship odds

    so i'm bumping around Biloxi MS. for a business meeting and they have legalized betting with Sportsbooks now, like Vegas. went to a few casinos and looked up the odds of winning the Championship for 2020 these are kind of the average since sportsbooks are owned by different companies and don't...
  10. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ Homestead

    had a chat with bones and here's what is gonna happen for Homestaed. since we may have tiebreakers involved and the season will be over after this week... Homestead picks will be allowed to be sent to his inbox instead of being posted on here we're going with 1st / 2nd / 3rd for drivers ( no...
  11. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ Phoenix

    well, we were kinda hoping for pritzi to show back up, but i haven't heard a word. with truex winning last week and harvick winning at texas we'll use the #4 and #19 along with the 1st place manufacturers car. so it's... 1st place manufacturers car - (toyota / ford / chevy) no driver name 4th...
  12. crashthe24

    Pick 3 @Texas

    bones gets the guest picker slot for Texas because of his continuous hard work keeping track of the scoring. he likes 10 because october is the 10th month 19 because it's 2019 31 because halloween is on the 31st. 10th / 19th / 31st for Texas videos are anything from the 70's standings are in...
  13. crashthe24

    Pick 3 @ martinsville

    BlackLundProv is our guest number generator for Martinsville we'll get bones another week for Texas since he does all the hard work. back to driver / driver /driver (no manufacturers) 7th / 20th / 31st (no reasons why) for the video theme, he picks candy in honor of Halloween. have a great week
  14. crashthe24

    Pick 3 @ Kansas

    this weeks guest picker is CheckeredPast... He'd like to throw a little twist in there this week. 1st pick would be the winning manufacturer. In the last 9 races @ Kansas Chevy,Ford,and Toyota have all visited victory lane 3 times. This pick would give everyone at least a 1 outta 3 chance to get...
  15. crashthe24

    DGG drivers average points thru week 30 Dover

    what if Darren just kept the A group the same and only swapped out Menard and put in Matty D. for the B group? actually, reddick will get the #8 car so he could go to B and replace stenhouse who's gone. after sorting the data, the 2 worst A drivers are elliot and larson, so it'd be hard to drop...
  16. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ TALLY

    chrisjen is our guest picker for Tally. standings are in post 4 Tally numbers are 5 / 9 / 26. His reasons for the numbers are in post 5. after Tally, we don't have any guest pickers, so let me know if you want in.
  17. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ Dover

    Downfarce is the guest number generator this week for Dover. He picks 6th / 23rd / 32nd (standings are in post #9) the 1st Dover race was on july 6th / David Pearson finished 23rd that day / 32 drivers started the race that day. he didn't mention a music video choice, but maybe he'll jump in...
  18. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ ROVAL

    it's Intimidating Racing getting the picks this week at the Roval. he says... 6th / 12th / 18th Pirate radio and whatever IR picks for videos I think bones gets back from vacation this week, so maybe an update is coming.
  19. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @Richmond

    just a reminder bones is taking a big vacation so the updates may not come for another 10 days or so. if you haven't played for a while, find the 1st post of the pick 3 Vegas thread and read it. we'll use Pritzi's original game posting of 9th / 17th / 31st for Richmond someone mentioned that...
  20. crashthe24

    PICK 3 @ VEGAS

    HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM... and we've been working on it for a few weeks. this is an open and honest post to all that have been playing this game all season (or just pop in and out) Pritzi started this whole Pick 3 thing at the beginning of the season and we loved her for it As most of you know...