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  1. Kickin_Chicken

    CoronaVirus 500

    Ok folks, by now we all know the situation. NASCAR is out for a few weeks (hopefully) and CoronaVirus wins. In the mean time, this thread is for you all to keep us updated, rant or do what you wish. Once again here is the official NASCAR statement: "NASCAR has decided to postpone the race...
  2. Kickin_Chicken

    Atlanta - Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

    NASCAR has wrapped up the West Coast swing and now we head to a trio of 1.5 mile tracks beginning this weekend in Atlanta. So KC loads up, grabs his girl Shannon Spake (mmmmmm) and heads to the Peach State of Georgia. Hopefully this change in the schedule will be kind to us players who always...
  3. Kickin_Chicken

    Phoenix - FanShield 500

    Race 3 of the West Coast Swing takes us to Phoenix Raceway in Arizona. Yes PHOENIX, not that stupid ISM name they used last year. This is the last west coast race for a while. Hope this new schedule has given Atlanta more time to possibly dry out! Everywhere NASCAR seems to go it rains...
  4. Kickin_Chicken

    Auto Club - Auto Club 400

    NASCAR packs up the haulers, leaves Las Vegas and stays out west for the next west coast swing race, Auto Club Speedway and the Auto Club 400 at Fontana, California. This is the 2nd of the west coast swing. Auto Club Speedway, formerly California Speedway, is a two-mile (3 km), low-banked...
  5. Kickin_Chicken

    Las Vegas - Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube

    As we await further news concerning Ryan Newman and put the scary end to the 500 in our rear view mirrors, the NASCAR train has to keep going. We head out west for the first of the 3 west coast swing races. I like this idea by putting Atlanta a few weeks down the road because weather is always...
  6. Kickin_Chicken

    New FRCS Site??????

    Ok so I started up my laptop and clicked on the FRCS site and I got a message on the home page that said a new site is being made: FANTASY RACING CHEAT SHEET is moving! https://frcs.pro Anyone else notice this? Hope we don't lose all our forum data.....
  7. Kickin_Chicken

    Bluegreen Vacations Duels At DAYTONA

    Here's the thread for the Duels @ Daytona. Feel free to chat about the Duels and see how things will shape up for the 500.
  8. Kickin_Chicken

    Busch Clash at DAYTONA

    Thought I'd make a thread to start the 2020 campaign off with the 1st race of the season. Gotta love that my beverage of choice is the main sponsor! Booyah! Use this thread to chat about the race and see who looks good for the Duels.
  9. Kickin_Chicken

    2020 DAYTONA 500

    Alright, alright it's time for the 2020 season to start and of course that means we head to The World Center or Racing, DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (y) Love kicking off the season smashing it up for the rights to lift this bad boy: The Harley J. Earl Trophy, the most coveted stock car racing...
  10. Kickin_Chicken

    Emoji Folder Idea?

    Hey everyone. Just had an idea and wanted to know everyone's opinion. Most of you usual suspects know that I am big on adding photos and graphics to my posts and towards the end of the year I got into emojis. I asked Darren if there was a way if he could make a new emoji area where we type...
  11. Kickin_Chicken

    Seasons Greetings from the Kickin Chicken

    I am going to get all my Seasons Greetings/Happy Holidays out now. You can all join in on this thread one holiday at a time if you so desire. I think I have all the major ones until 2020..... Here we go:
  12. Kickin_Chicken

    NASCAR Off Season

    Well folks since the season is finally over and I am not gonna eat M&Ms ever again (hell I like them, just bitter :ROFLMAO:) I thought I would make an off season thread for everyone. This way you can post any new info about the off season, rumors, news, when the new fantasy season opens, etc...
  13. Kickin_Chicken

    Dewnited States - All 50!

    Since my Dewnited states info pages seemed to be a big hit, I said I would post all of them after the final race is over. Without further a DEW (get it) here they are. In alphabetical order:
  14. Kickin_Chicken

    Homestead - Miami - Ford EcoBoost 400

    Well here it is. Kickin Chicken grabs his hot ass girl Shannon Spake after a decent Phoenix score & heads back east to Southern Florida and to Homestead, Miami for the Ford Ecoboost 400 and the Championship race. Who will get the hoist the awesome Monster Energy trophy? My man Harvick or one...
  15. Kickin_Chicken

    Phoenix - Bluegreen Vacations 500

    As KC continues to crush Busch beers after the 4's win @ Texas, he sets his thoughts on the road trip out west to Phoenix, Arizona for Round 9 of the Playoffs. ISM/Phoenix International Raceway plays host to the Bluegreen Vacations 500. No idea what Bluegreen Vacations is? I don't know so...
  16. Kickin_Chicken

    Texas - AAA Texas 500

    As The Kickin Chicken chokes down his last @ Martinsville, he grabs his girl Shannon Spake :love: and loads up with his cowboy boots and hat for Texas Motor Speedway. YEEEE HAW! Round 8 of the Championship is up next. Texas Motor Speedway presents the AAA Texas 500! And now a word from the...
  17. Kickin_Chicken

    Martinsville - First Data 500

    Ugh, Kansas. Not a good race 4 your favorite poultry. Well anyways, The Kickin Chicken leaves Toto's ASS in KANSAS :mad: and heads back east to Virginia for Round 7 of the Playoffs. Martinsville Speedway plays host to the First Data 500. Here's a word from our lead sponsor: First Data is now...
  18. Kickin_Chicken

    Kansas - Hollywood Casino 400

    WOW! KC is still pumped after watching cars go flying at DEGA. Never mind now, time to grab TOTO and get our asses to Kansas for Round 5 of the playoffs. Elimination race again for 4 more drivers to see their championship hopes get dashed. I present to you the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas...
  19. Kickin_Chicken

    Talladega - 1000Bulbs.com 500

    As Miles continues to take down cars @ Dover, The PLATE KING (Kickin Chicken's alter ego) is already pondering what the last Smash 'Em Up has in store @ Talladega! Plate King Entertainment presents the last round of the 2019 Smash 'Em Ups...... Bust out that dartboard. Gonna need...
  20. Kickin_Chicken

    Dover - Drydene 400

    After a crazy ROVAL race and the points are totaled, the Kickin Chicken gets the heck outta dodge and heads up North to visit the ROCK GOD known as Miles the Monster at the Dover International Speedway. Round 3 and the 1st race of the Round of 12 starts at the Drydene 400, Dover, Delaware...