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    Ducky's Car Wash 2020

    Ducky's is back! If you played last year, then you're already in it, just check in. If you missed us last year or new to all this, give us try. ID: 274 PW: quack Its an elimination league that has been running for 20 years. Beginners welcome!
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    Ducky's Car Wash 2018

    Only 5 spots left in this elimination league. It ran for 17 years over at Yahoo and now we're here. Glad to see some of the former Yahoo players made it. Sign up now and let's get it filled before next week's race!
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    Duckys Car Wash 2018

    Hello race fans! Ducky's Car Wash has spent the past 17 years at Yahoo but now we're here! It is an elimination league with a 'chase' play off. league ID is 274 or just search for duckys car wash. (they don't like the ' before the s for some reason). Join now and help make this great...