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    Dover Pick 3 Contest-Gander RV 400

    9th: Hamlin 16th: Byron 24th: Buescher
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    Talladega Pick 3 Contest-Geico 500

    9th: Bowyer 17th: Bowman 22nd: Byron
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    Richmond Pick 3 Contest - Toyota Owners 400

    6th Denny Hamlin 13th Jimmie Johnson 29th Matt Dibenedetto Because we sang along completely oblivious to what they were really singing about :eek:
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    Post Your Race Day Food Pics

    Yum! Meatballs and sausage too. You're def in charge of spaghetti if we ever do a race week meet up.
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    Bristol NASCAR Pick 3 Contest

    johnson bowman cassill
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    Texas - O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

    Poor 'ol Pocono gets a bad rap. I used to race the NASCAR Thunder games on PlayStation in the early 2000's and Pocono is a great track to race. That's carried over into my real life thinking that it's a great track.
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    Pick 3 Contest Texas O'Reilly Auto Parts 500

    7th - Chase Elliott 17th - Ryan Newman 31st - Micheal McDowell
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    Texas - O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

    Click it and it takes you here. I opted to leave it up for 30 days so any links on google will follow it to here and not come back 404 (page not found).
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    Texas - O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

    Ahem....welcome to Kickin' Chicken's place! I get the honor of first post in the new section. The final name will be up to him...I think. I've never met the Chicken himself and we've hardly ever even talked. I've probably heard more about KC than anyone else though. :p:rolleyes::LOL: I do know...
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    Pick 3 Contest- Martinsville 500

    What's all this fun going on around here?! I need some. Count me in! 7th: Kurt Bush 14th: (our man this week) Clint Bowyer 25th: Ty DIllon
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    Anyone can create these leagues!

    I didn't create "Fans of..." leagues this year. Mainly because I couldn't do them justice by being the commissioner of them all. If you are a die-hard fan of a certain driver...step on up and create a fans of league and let others know about it here. Remember to give the details on if it's...
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    nascar.com Redesign? Wow! I'm Flattered (aka me being petty)

    Oh boy. Nothing like waking up the next day and realizing just how petty I was in posting this. It wasn't 'winner' Richard Petty, it was just NASCAR Geek letting the stress of the current month take hold and act a fool. No, the hand of NASCAR didn't come down on me forcing a retraction. But...
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    nascar.com Redesign? Wow! I'm Flattered (aka me being petty)

    Is this THE RR? Welcome, welcome! It's because you change yours too often. It's always fresh.
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    nascar.com Redesign? Wow! I'm Flattered (aka me being petty)

    (below is my first post. By a very petty NASCAR Geek. Ugh. I'm sorry. Scroll to bottom for my newest thoughts.) Oh nascar.com. So, if imitation is the best form of flattery....I don't feel that flattered. Your site does seem a lot less bloated though. Kudos to whoever they paid to redesign...
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    Short Tracks Only League

    I'm glad you brought that up. Spints start so early here I always miss it. Little over a month away. Ought to be about 90-degrees by then. I need to get a hold of Waco Warrior and get him to come up for this.