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    2020 DAYTONA 500

    Thanks for sharing. Thank God. That is incredibly good news.
  2. e44green

    2020 DAYTONA 500

    Oh Thank God!!!
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    Kansas - Hollywood Casino 400

    Dude, congrats on being top FIVE at this point in the season! What an incredible accomplishment no matter what happens from here on out. You 100% have a shot at #1 and I'm really pulling for you. Your picks for Kansas look spot on. If I were you I'd consider rostering Bowyer over Blaney (if...
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    Phoenix - Can-Am 500 Race Picks & Race Day Chat

    It appears he used Logano to great effect (no starts left). Truex and Logano have actually averaged about the same number of points per race this year. While the rest of us got caught up in the "Big 3" groupthink and Truex putting up sexy lap times in practice, the overall leader seems to have...
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    Phoenix - Can-Am 500 Race Picks & Race Day Chat

    I was just looking at the #1 overall leader's season results and two things blew my mind: He is already in the 10k Club with TWO RACES REMAINING :oops: He has SEVEN Truex starts left! :eek:
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    Texas - AAA Texas 500 Race Picks & Race Day Chat

    I am tied with you at #96 overall! Wild!
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    Talladega - 1000Bulbs.com 500 Race Picks & Race Day Chat

    Checking in with 8749 points, #172 overall, 98th percentile. Currently sitting in first place of the old FantasyNascarPreview.com league that I know a few members of this forum are in, too. Have lurked on this forum throughout the year but will have to start posting more! Thanks to all who have...