Should Your Fantasy NASCAR Team Entry Carry Over Each Week?

One of the two (the other one is about max driver starts) most talked about suggested changes we’ve made in our modification of the now defunct Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing game with our Driver Group Game is whether or not your team entry should carry over from week-to-week.

In the initial laying out of the game rules with fantasy NASCAR Experts Kyle Wiseman and Marlon Clark along with a new friend Mel F. we kicked this concept around.

Weekly Team Entry Does Not Carry Over

Your weekly team entry does not carry over from race-to-race. You need to confirm that you have selected drivers for your entry each week. You can select drivers for any future race at any time. This lets you plan in advance the drivers you want to use in the event you are unable to place them the week of the race.

The Driver Group Game also features a tool to show you exactly where you have placed each driver for past or future races to help you manage your future entries within the Maximum Start restriction.

The deadline to add drivers from each corresponding races’ team entry is 11:59 p.m. PT on the night before qualifying. If you don’t add drivers by this deadline, your team will remain empty.

Two Points Of View

  1. If the teams DO NOT carry over from the previous week, there will be some empty teams. If a player forgets to set their team or has no access to a computer (for a variety of reasons) carry over would come in handy.
  2. Remembering to set your team is part of the game! League commissioners can take the responsibility of reminding their league members to set drivers each week. Everyone these days has access to a computer, smartphone, or mobile device. It comes down to personal responsibility. Besides, picking 4 starting drivers and 4 bench drivers and leaving them in their lineup for 7 weeks straight without bothering to check the page is not really playing the game.

What About Setting Your Team Entry In Advance?

Does having the ability to set your team entry in advance change your position on this?

Also, the Driver Group Game has a tool for each player to view a summary of where they have placed each driver, whether it be completed races or future races.

We Want Your Vote And Feedback!

When I sent the first ‘update’ email to those that signed up I got plenty of replies regarding this. Rather then surmise what I think the majority of fantasy NASCAR players want in this new game strictly from those emails, let’s open it for discussion here.

Please converse in the comments below this post the pros and cons. Also, vote Yes or No in the poll included here.

Should Your Team Carry Over Each Week?


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31 thoughts on “Should Your Fantasy NASCAR Team Entry Carry Over Each Week?

  1. I have been playing for about 15 years now and I am pretty dedicated to setting my team every week. There are about 2 times per season when I mean to switch out my team, but my schedule doesn’t cooperate. I’d rather limp around with the team from the previous week than an empty team.

  2. I don’t know if this is possible or not but I know with Yahoo you could set your lineup in advance. I had the whole playoffs planned out in advance (minor tweaks were obviously made). Yes having a carry over does help some people who forget to change their lineups but it can also burn people who might have wanted to save a driver from the previous week for down the road.
    For the people that forget to set their lineups on a weekly basis it helps them, and lets be real, those people likely aren’t going to win your pool, so they’re just contributing to the overall payout 😉 Bigger picture!
    I vote to keep carry over but I set my lineup weekly and it’s not hard to set a reminder or whatever you need to remember to do it!

  3. I was thinking the same as Kyle — I’d love to be able to set my drivers for future races. I voted “NO” to carrying drivers over each week (and see I was clearly in the minority), but life happens. What if I go away on a secluded vacation with no wifi, or end up in the hospital. It would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about setting every week if I plan and set my drivers ahead. Thanks for asking my opinion!!

  4. Some people will go ahead and fill in there roster for the year that way u know who u can plug and play at different tracks,such as road coarses,superspeedway,intermediate tracks etc. but either way I make sure my roster

  5. I voted yes for the simple fact that I could’t pick because of a hurricane. The electricity and internet were down over 5 days and I had no way of knowing that ahead of time to be able to pick, I’d change my vote if we had a mulligan!!

  6. I would like to keep the carryover for similar reasons as those mentioned by Kyle. I have a couple of guys in my league that travel a LOT and they were glad to have the carryover a few times. We all get busy with real life issues and occasionally forget to set the line up.

  7. I don’t think it should carry over. If your not paying attention each week then why are you playing. But as I said before your are taking the time to create it and give us an option beyond yahoo so please do what you prefer.

  8. I vote carry over….what does it hurt? It’s your drivers that get used even if you didn’t want them used. Many times there are reasons….like John above said. Hurricane, sudden sickness, computer not working.

  9. Sometimes you want to run the same drivers. Lots of us have very busy schedules and miss a week. If so you are punished by the fact that you may not have the best drivers, but if you have no drivers, you are screwed for the season…no one can survive a zero points race.

  10. I’ve never missed a week, though a few in my league would, more than once… I understand, we all get busy and at times can not be close to a computer-tablet-cell-library…??? My vote is to carry-over for the losers in a league!!

  11. I have been a commissioner for many year, and our league is not only dependent on weekly participation, but in each team remaining active for the entire season. If you have a life outside of fantasy sports then there is the realization that there are many more things important than making sure EVERY week you take the time to change drivers in a fantasy game. There are times when you have to bail for a while and at least in those cases your team will have representation and a score posted, and if one loses interest towards the end of the season, and this happens regularly, you can just let things ride for awhile.

    Having the ability to set your drivers for future races is also important for those who absolutely make sure that they have an active team each week, so that feature should remain

  12. as long as one can set his line up ahead of time, then I have end problem with the no carryover.
    I will just go in and place a line up for all 36 weeks, then week as necessary, at least if I miss a week I have drivers .
    its pretty simple

    1. Once fantasy league starts, i set my league starts 8 races in advance sometimes do it for the whole segment. If you are a real player, you set your lineups in advance so no

  13. There’s plenty of players in a league that aren’t the die hards and may forget to set their lineup week to week. This helps keep those players in the league be semi-competitive. Once a team forgets to set their lineup a couple weeks they may stop setting their lineup moving forward being so far behind and be a lame duck team. It doesn’t hurt to keep the starts week to week but still let people set their lineups in advance.

  14. Carry over for sure. You never know when something might come up and a week can slip by. No team can afford to have a zero and expect to survive. How many times have you said, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ only tomorrow you’ll have something else to do. We must have the carry over option. The team it saves could be your own…

  15. I am in favour of carrying over drivers to the next race. Sometimes, real world events happen unexpectedly and can often be much more important than the world of fantasy sports. When those events are over and dealt with, it is nice to return to the world of fantasy sports without taking a hit in the points for not setting a team every week.

  16. Fantasy players who don’t login are not playing the game. Why should people who are not playing the game get credit for fantasy wins, pole positions, and good finishes?
    Lineups should NOT roll over from week-to-week.
    Fantasy players should NOT get credit for doing something when they have done absolutely nothing to set their lineup for the week.

  17. Carry over of picks is for those emergency times when you can’t get on the internet or your power is off or you have an unexpected issue. Though I am very dedicated to picking my team each and every week, I do work long hours and travel and sometimes I just can’t get online. Last season using the yahoo website my ipad wouldn’t allow me to actually switch drivers, just view my team so I got stuck. Then power (along with most cell access) was off for 6 days during hurricane season and my internet was down for 3 weeks. It doesn’t give any advantage when people are able to use their picks from the previous week and they are using up allocations so why not help out the folks that might miss a week? It is a long 36 race season and we do have lives that occasionally interfere with our fantasy racing!

    Look, if you are good at the game you can beat people without giving them a goose egg for not resetting their team one week.

    I voted to keep carry over!

  18. I don’t think I’m saying anything that hasn’t been said above, but here goes.
    I would assume all of us have a real life. And these types of games (be it fantasy, video games, etc) are secondary. They are something we all enjoy and love to do. With that said, I’ve played yahoo fantasy nascar as long as I remember…and I liked the fact that when real life did keep me from being able to get to certain things (such as fantasy sports), that it didn’t ruin the entire season because I had a death in the family, or a missions trip, or I simply forgot because I was out of town.

    I’ve had groups with as many as 30-40 people playing, and each person had their own style. Some would set up their average based on the next 3-4 races, and would adjust every 3-4 weeks. They enjoyed doing it that way. Some liked being in every week (Multiple times), and others liked to get on when they felt like it. I feel like there is nothing negative about starts carrying over, but plenty about them not.

    Of course…if it’s an option, let each league commish set it up the way he/she wants (again, if that’s an option). Then every person here can play with or without it, based on what they want.

  19. It looks like the picks with my entry from Daytona don’t show up when I go to see the drivers for Atlanta next week…

    Will the picks carry over?

    I just need to know what to tell those in my league about setting their picks and if they have any questions.


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