Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert Pick Strategy

Are you new to the Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing game? Been playing for years? Here are some questions & answers with top players of the Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR game.

If you're stuck in the low percentile bracket and want to score in the 90%+ bracket we have five interviews with expert players that reach the top percentile numbers in Yahoo Fantasy Racing. They share their tips and strategy to outscoring your fantasy NASCAR competition.

Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert: Kobi Akers

Kobi Akers

Q: What is the biggest mistake that you think fantasy NASCAR players make on the Yahoo game or any other games you've played?

A: Getting stuck in the pattern of taking so-and-so driver because they like him. While it's good to have a favorite, sometimes it pays off to take the enemy as they will come out on top more than you like for them to...

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Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert: Marlon Clark

Marlon Clark

Q: Do you go into the season with a plan for which drivers you want to run the most? How do you handle 'driver management'?

A: I always tried to spread everyone out over the year. A lot of times I use a 'not-as-popular' pick most races in the B-group. I call them research picks. You can see as the year progresses who will do good and use...

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Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert: Mick Smeltzer

Mick Smeltzer

Q: What are the factors you take in to consideration when making your picks for Yahoo's fantasy NASCAR racing game?

A: The NASCAR Loop Data Driver Ratings for that particular track are probably my first consideration for making my first picks for that race. I'll also consider what the fantasy sites are saying who the Hot Picks will be. I also...

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Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert: Trent Farrar

Trent Farrar

Q: 93% in 2009 and 2010. 2008 at 73%, 2007 52% and 2006 66%. Have an 'aha' moment?

A: No, it was notes. I keep a folder of each race's top drivers performance in each A-, B- & C-group. So, on the second race, I know who runs good. My "TOP" secret...

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Yahoo Fantasy Racing Expert: Larry Goertzen

Larry Goertzen

Q: In order of importance what is the rank of the top-10 factors in picking your Yahoo fantasy team?

A: #1) Past Driver performance at that track, #2) Past Driver performance on similar race tracks, #3) Practice speeds, #4) ...

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Weekly Fantasy NASCAR Preview: Jeff Gutowski

Jeff Gutowski

Every Monday during the 2017 NASCAR Sprint Cup season Jeff posts his weekly fantasy NASCAR preview on Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet.

Jeff shares with you his drivers to watch and also his Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing picks for the upcoming race.

Join in the conversation and discuss your picks with Jeff.

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